Emma Cartwright
Amish Christmas Hope

Amish Christmas Hope

All Lydia King longs for this Christmas is for Samuel Hochstetler to finally admit to his feelings for her and ask her to accompany him to the Singings but Sam is painfully shy, and it seems she must look elsewhere for marriage prospects…
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Accomplished baker Lydia King never knew her own parents. She was conceived during her mother’s Rumspringa and born within the Amish community.

Her mother left soon afterwards, the draw of the Englischer ways too strong to resist, leaving Lydia in the care of her devoted grandparents and her mother shunned.

While Lydia loves life and her work in the bakery, especially at Christmastime, she can’t help but feel uncomfortable amongst the community, who always take the chance to remind her of her mother’s errant ways.

Still, it doesn’t stop her from falling for the shy Samuel Hochstetler, but how can she make sure he notices her in time for Christmas?

Lydia has the perfect plan. Knowing that Samuel has a sweet tooth she bakes a batch of special gingerbread, the recipe is all the way from England!

Her ruse works and Samuel cannot resist the festive sweet treat. Everything is perfect until Lydia’s past comes back to haunt her in the most unexpected way.

Will Lydia be able to unite the past with the present and be able to look forward to a bright future?

Or will the ghosts from the past force Samuel to rethink his rapidly growing affection for Lydia?

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