A Jenna’s Creek Wedding by Teresa Slack

A Jenna’s Creek Wedding by Teresa Slack

The day before Jamie Steele and Eric Blackwood’s wedding, tragedy strikes, forcing them to postpone the ceremony. Eric goes to Chicago without her for an internship with a pharmaceutical company while Jamie stays home in Jenna's Creek to mourn her loss.

When the internship is extended and the wedding pushed even further back, Jamie begins to wonder if they’ll ever get married.

After five months Eric finally returns in time for the holidays, but nothing between them is the same. Jamie doesn’t want to be one of those clingy women who demands a ring on her finger. But it seems Eric continues to allow delays to stop their trip down the aisle. Now that he’s home, their different vision for their future seems to have multiplied. Can they reconcile and go back to planning a future together? Or are they better off realizing they were never meant to be before it’s too late?

About the Book
Series: Jenna's Creek, Book 4
Genres: Christian, Historical Western Fiction
Publisher: GraceArbor Press
Publication Year: 2016
About the Author
Teresa D. Slack

I love reading, writing, laughing, learning new things & falling in love. Creating clean and wholesome western romances where rugged cowboys sweep feisty, independent heroines off their feet was an easy choice. I write stories to entertain, edify & inspire from my home in southern Ohio home that I share with my husband Ralph, rescue dog & rescue cat.