A Little Goodbye by Teresa Slack

A Little Goodbye by Teresa Slack

When her sister abandoned her two kids in Michelle Hurley’s front yard, Michelle never dreamed it would end up being the best thing that ever happened to her.

The kids aren’t the only changes in Michelle’s life. Barry Schilling has made her realize she may have been too hasty in shutting the world out of her life. Still, she can’t forget the love she once shared with Kyle Swann. While her heart wonders if that love is still real, her head knows there are two many obstacles between them for it to grow.

With Barry pulling her closer and Kyle keeping her at arm’s length, Michelle figures the decision has been made for her.

Just when Michelle has settled into a comfortable rhythm of busy working Mom, dreaming of romance and possibly even marriage, Nicole breezes back onto the farm, making demands and upsetting Michelle's well-ordered life. Again.

How can she live without the kids if Nicole takes them away, but how can she fight her own sister in court for something that doesn’t belong to her? As the kids are pulled from her arms, Michelle must make a decision to follow her heart, regardless of what direction that is. She may lose more than the children as she prepares her heart for a little goodbye.

About the Book
Series: Tender Blessings, Book 2
Genres: Christian, Contemporary
Publisher: GraceArbor Press
Publication Year: 2014
About the Author
Teresa D. Slack

I love reading, writing, laughing, learning new things & falling in love. Creating clean and wholesome western romances where rugged cowboys sweep feisty, independent heroines off their feet was an easy choice. I write stories to entertain, edify & inspire from my home in southern Ohio home that I share with my husband Ralph, rescue dog & rescue cat.

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