A Star in the Sky

A Star in the Sky

Welcome to Christmas in Serenity Point, Idaho.

A year ago, Roman Wright had returned to Serenity Point with a purpose, but it wasn’t to stay.

Now, he’s back, but once again, he has no intention of making his home in the town where his sisters live and where his worst nightmare had unfolded. He’s been out of their lives for well over a decade, but he hasn’t been unaware of what has been going on with them. His ability to keep track of them is just one of many secrets he keeps.

Rebecca Clarke is grateful for the support of her brother, Darius, and his wife, Jocelyn, who also happens to be Rebecca’s best friend. They stepped in to help her as she faced a health crisis, insisting that she and her son move into their home. Though she hates that she needed the help, Rebecca had no choice but to accept it.

Roman and Rebecca are thrown together when Darius and Jocelyn need their help to care for their son, Colby, while Jocelyn is hospitalized because of a complication with her pregnancy. During this time, they grow closer together, with Roman embracing Christmas in a way he hasn’t in years in order to make the holiday memorable for his nephew and Rebecca’s son.

When Rebecca’s past and Roman’s secrets collide, the budding feelings in each of them are threatened. Because of that, neither of them feels confident in what they have to offer the other in a relationship. They must decide if they’re willing to take the risk of revealing their feelings. Or if protecting their hearts is more important.

Will their love be the shining light that guides them through the hurt and brings Roman home to Serenity not just for Christmas but for good?

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About the Book
Genres: Christian, Contemporary, Romance
Tag: New Release
Publisher: Three Strand Press
Publication Year: 2022
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