All Arranged

All Arranged

Regency romance author, Luella Linley (AKA Louise Brooker), should feel satisfied she has helped her two daughters marry happily. However, her successful meddling came at a price and her husband has advised she leave the children to their own devices.
But her eldest, Pete, is thirty-five, living back at home and dejected after having been jilted days before his wedding. Her responsible, hard-working and handsome son would make a good husband and father—but he’s given up after three failed relationships. He’s a good catch, but unlikely to be fooled by his mother’s scheming and meddling.
This situation calls for a direct approach. Just like in her novels, Louise decides the parents should do the arranging and sort out the wheat from the chaff.
Carrie Davis is a dedicated career woman and hasn’t had time for relationships. However, her sister, Ellen, is now happily married with a delightful little girl and for the first time, Carrie finds loneliness stalking her. Ellen want’s the best for Carrie, so when she comes across an odd advert in the classifieds, she wonders if it is a prank or an opportunity sent from heaven.
“Wanted. For a social experiment. A family arranged marriage.”

About the Book
Series: Luella Linley: License to Meddle, Book 3
Genres: Christian, Romance
Publisher: Golden Grain Publishing
Publication Year: 2021
About the Author
Meredith Resce

South Australian Author, Meredith Resce, has been writing since 1991, and has had books in the Australian market since 1997.

Following the Australian success of her "Heart of Green Valley" series, an English Publisher has taken the first three books in this series, and has released them to the British and American Christian Fiction markets.

She recently released her 15th project, 'The Greenfield Legacy'.

Apart from writing, Meredith also takes the opportunity to speak to groups on issues relevant to relationships and emotional and spiritual growth.

Meredith has also been co-writer and co-producer in the 2007 Australian feature film production, "Twin Rivers".

With her husband, Nick, Meredith has worked in Christian ministry since 1983.

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