Amish Country Cover-Up

Amish Country Cover-Up

Someone wants her dead…

But is it tied to another murder?

When Amish nanny Liddie Miller is attacked more than once while caring for Jonah Troyer’s children, the attempts stir up too many memories of his wife’s murder for comfort. Though the police insist the murderer died in prison, Jonah’s convinced there’s a connection. And he won’t let another woman die on his watch. He just has to figure out the culprit’s motives…before it’s too late.

About the Book
Genres: Amish, Christian, Mystery / Suspense
Publisher: L
Publication Year: 2021
About the Author
Alison Stone

Alison Stone is a Publishers Weekly bestselling author who writes sweet romance, cozy mysteries, and inspirational romantic suspense, some of which contain bonnets and buggies.

Alison often refers to herself as the "accidental Amish author." She decided to try her hand at the genre after an editor put a call out for more Amish romantic suspense. Intrigued--and who doesn't love the movie Witness with Harrison Ford?--Alison dug into research, including visits to the Amish communities in Western New York where she lives. This sparked numerous story ideas, the first leading to her debut novel with Harlequin Love Inspired Suspense. Four subsequent Love Inspired Suspense titles went on to earn RT magazine's TOP PICK! designation, their highest ranking.

When Alison's not plotting ways to bring mayhem to Amish communities, she's writing inspirational romantic suspense with a more modern setting, sweet romances, and cozy mysteries. In order to meet her deadlines, she has to block the Internet and hide her smartphone.

Married and the mother of four (almost) grown kids, Alison lives in the suburbs of Buffalo where the summers are gorgeous and the winters are perfect for curling up with a book--or writing one.