Cry in the Wilderness

Cry in the Wilderness

Rachel LeMere has prayed for deliverance. When her husband died, his brother provided for her and her eleven-year-old son, Cody, but at a price Rachel finds increasingly abhorrent. A haven beckons many states away, but in order to reach it, Rachel must disappear such that no one can ever find her.

The bad boy of SEAL Team Twelve, Saul Wade is an experienced and successful sniper. He's stunned when the beautiful and soft-spoken woman who has intrigued him for months suddenly begs a favor of him. Risking his career to help, he arranges an elaborate rescue operation to deliver her and her son halfway across the country.

Using his childhood home in Oklahoma as a temporary safe haven, Saul works through the challenges of getting her and Cody to Texas. Tortured by the things he’s done in the line of duty, Saul shares pieces of his past with Rachel, while she shares with him her faith in God that has sustained her through hardship.

Saul ships Rachel and Cody off to Texas, only to feel their absence like a bullet to the heart. At their sudden and unexpected return, Saul moves toward reconciliation with his creator and a whole new life he never thought he deserved--if only he can keep evil incarnate from catching up to them.

About the Book
Series: Acts of Valor, Book 3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Rise UP Publications
Publication Year: 2021
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