Inheriting Ubomi by Dianne J. Wilson

Inheriting Ubomi by Dianne J. Wilson

Take a city-girl full of God-given dreams (with a crippling cow phobia), throw in a ranch full of cows, a hunky cowboy and a generous billionaire. What could possibly go wrong?

City-girl Sophie is thrilled to inherit her Grandpa’s ranch. There’s only one problem – she’s terrified of cows.

When a run-in with her boss leaves Sophie’s journalism career in tatters, she trades the high life of Cape Town for her inheritance and a God-given dream—an old cattle ranch smack in the middle of River Valley, a small town nestled along the eastern coast of South Africa.

She soon discovers that it’s one thing for a city-girl to attempt to run a cattle ranch, quite another to keep it going through a drought, and virtually impossible when you harbor a secret cow phobia. Sophie needs help fast.

On one hand, there’s Benjamin Coleman, a cowboy straight off a ranch in the USA. Benjamin isn't scared of cows, he's a hard worker and throws himself into the demands of the ranch, refusing any payment.

Sophie needs him, but can she trust a man so full of secrets?

Then there’s her neighbor, self-made billionaire, Carter Shaw. He offers to fund her ranch operations, his only condition is that she has dinner with him once a week. Simple, right?

Sophie needs him too, but can’t bring herself to trust there aren’t strings attached to his generosity.

Can Sophie brave the cows, launch her dream, keep the two guys from clobbering each other and come out with her heart in one piece?

About the Book
Series: River Valley Romance, Book 1
Genres: Christian, Contemporary
Publication Year: 2020
About the Author
Dianne J. Wilson

Dianne J. Wilson writes across genres including Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense and YA Fantasy. Weaving Invisible into words, she explores spiritual truth woven through ordinary life with equal dashes of breathless adventure and tongue-in-cheek humor, all soaked in God's Grace. She writes in stolen moments, usually in the back seat of her tiny car. Her home is in East London, a South African coastal town, where she lives with her hubby and three daughters who all take turns at being home. Her love-language is tea and taking long drives to listen to new songs with her girls. When she's not stuck in her car writing, you can find her feeding all the hungry people in her house who gaze at her expectantly around mealtimes.

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