Running Ubomi by Dianne J. Wilson

Running Ubomi by Dianne J. Wilson

Molly West is known throughout River Valley for her cheerful, easy-going nature and deep faith. But when she’s put in charge of the Ubomi Retreat Centre for a retirement home convention, Molly’s sweet nature is tested to the max. Keeping the old folks happy is one thing, but dealing with the over-sized ego of the new chef is quite another.

Top chef, Aidan Rutland, comes to River Valley looking for a fresh start. Catering for a group of oldies seems like a simple matter compared to the high pressure environment that he left behind. But complications seem to follow him, and he soon realizes that small town living comes with its own challenges, particularly his growing attraction to his pint-sized boss who insists on micro-managing him.

As dentures fly and opinions clash, Molly and Aidan have to figure out how to vinaigrette their personalities to pull off the event that could make or break Ubomi’s reputation.

About the Book
Series: River Valley Romance, Book 2
Genres: Christian, Contemporary
Publication Year: 2021
About the Author
Dianne J. Wilson

Dianne J. Wilson writes across genres including Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense and YA Fantasy. Weaving Invisible into words, she explores spiritual truth woven through ordinary life with equal dashes of breathless adventure and tongue-in-cheek humor, all soaked in God's Grace. She writes in stolen moments, usually in the back seat of her tiny car. Her home is in East London, a South African coastal town, where she lives with her hubby and three daughters who all take turns at being home. Her love-language is tea and taking long drives to listen to new songs with her girls. When she's not stuck in her car writing, you can find her feeding all the hungry people in her house who gaze at her expectantly around mealtimes.

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