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Strength in the Struggle

Strength in the Struggle

As our confidence in Christ and His Word grows, we are strengthened to face life’s ongoing battles against anxiety and fear.

Strength in the Struggle is an encouraging 10-lesson Bible study workbook for women about letting go of fear and anxiety. The world offers many solutions to manage and cope with these struggles, but what Jesus offers us is far greater. God’s Word has the power and authority to transform lives and give us strength in every battle. Strength in the Struggle was created to help readers cultivate a biblical understanding of anxiety and fear, trust in the power of the gospel as our ultimate hope, and learn to apply God’s Word in both thought and action. Each lesson focuses on a single memory verse within its historical and biblical context. It includes hand-lettered artwork to help with memorization, short commentaries that provide clarity, and thought-provoking questions for study and life application. In this study, readers will find strength in their struggles with fear and anxiety as their trust in Jesus and His promises deepen.

  • 8”x10”, 92 pages
  • 10 Bible study lessons with Scripture memory
  • Memory verses printed right in the book
  • High-quality paper stock with an artistic and modern design
  • Inspiring hand-lettered illustrations of key passages
  • Historical and biblical context to promote accurate interpretation and understanding of memory verses
  • Short commentaries to provide clarity and aid in life application
  • Thoughtful questions to help readers go deeper into each passage
  • Prayer prompts to invite the Holy Spirit to work in and through each lesson
  • Perfect for individuals and group studies
  • An encouraging gift for anyone who struggles with anxiety and fear and wants to learn about the hope available to them in Christ
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Bible Prophecy: The Essentials: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Bible Prophecy: The Essentials: Answers to Your Most Common Questions

As the Day of Redemption Draws Nearer

In this age of uncertainty, Christians want and need more than ever before to understand what the Bible reveals about the future. As authors Amir Tsarfati and Barry Stagner teach on the end times, their question-and-answer sessions remain a massively popular part of their ministry, demonstrating people’s profound hunger to know more about the last days.

In Bible Prophecy: The Essentials, Amir and Barry team up to answer 70 of their most commonly asked questions. Through succinct, Scripture-focused teachings, Amir and Barry address seven foundational themes of Bible prophecy:

  • Israel
  • the church
  • the rapture
  • the tribulation
  • the millennium
  • the Great White Throne judgment
  • heaven

When studied with wisdom and discernment, God’s Word provides all you need to know about what is to come. User-friendly and organized by topic, Amir and Barry’s thoughtful and informative question-and-answer book will become your go-to resource as you prayerfully grow in your understanding of Bible prophecy.

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