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Caring for Her Amish Family

To give her nephew a home, she’ll need one man’s help…

When Anke Bachman agrees to care for her Englisch nephew despite disapproval from her community, moving in to a derelict old house is her only option. With newcomer Josiah Mast’s help, she might just be able to make the place livable. But Josiah’s past has him wary of any hint of scandal. As their feelings blossom, can Josiah and Anke find acceptance in the community…and a future together?

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An Orphan’s Hope

He trusts her with his new daughter.  But his wounded heart is another matter…

Twice left at the altar, preacher Jase Armstrong avoids commitment at all costs—until he inherits his cousin’s three-day-old baby. Pushing him further out of his comfort zone is Erin Tucker, the nurse for his live-in octogenarian boss, and her lessons on caring for an infant. But can Jase open his heart enough to see the family forming around him?

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Finding Her Way Back

Healing his daughter is worth risking his heart.

After a tragic event leaves Rob Melbourne’s little girl traumatized, he’ll do anything to help her recover—even enlist his first love, Juliet Newkirk, and her therapy pup, Moose. Working with Juliet stirs up old feelings for Rob, a distraction he doesn’t need. But with the dog’s help, the road to healing his daughter might just give Rob and Juliet a second chance at happiness…

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Her Small-Town Refuge

To secure the future she’s been wishing for,

she must earn her boss’s trust.

Escaping to the Texas Hill Country with her daughter for a vet tech internship is Stephanie Thornton’s chance at a safer life. But when medicine goes missing from Caden Stoughton’s struggling vet clinic, all evidence points to Stephanie. With the new life she’s been searching for hanging in the balance, Stephanie must convince Caden to trust her with his business…and his heart.

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The Rebel’s Return

Surprise fatherhood could be just the thing to reform this black sheep.

Called home after an injury in the family, prodigal son Samuel Navarro shocks everyone by arriving with his surprise baby in tow. When Samuel’s mom is unable to act as a full-time babysitter, his childhood love, Joella James, reluctantly takes the job. But can the newly devoted dad convince Joella he’s a changed man…and that she’s the perfect final piece to his little family?

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Wild Landing

He wanted a chance for redemption, but now he’s in way over his head.

A year ago, pro mountain biker Chase Reese had it all. One crash too many brought it all tumbling down.
Now he’s back in Hope Landing, trying to earn a spot on his brother’s private protection team, Knight Tactical.
Only life isn’t working out the way he expected. It’s fast becoming clear that he’s not a good fit for the team. If he quits, he’ll be back at square one. No job. No identity. No spectacular life plan.
And just when life’s already bad… Marissa Harris shows back up in his life. The one woman he never expected to see again.
The way his luck’s been running, he should have expected this. After all, past misdeeds demand payment.
Human rights attorney Marissa Harris has spent her whole life trying to prove she’s more than a multi-millionaire’s daughter. Her international foundation is making real headway fighting for impoverished people…until someone targets her for death.
Her father hires Knight Tactical Protection to find the people responsible and keep her safe. Sounds like a good plan, until Marissa learns that Chase Reese, the guy that ghosted her a year ago, is on the team. The team she can handle, the wild, self-centered athlete, not so much.
Thrown together when the cunning killer closes in, they’ve got to rely on each other to survive a killer’s deadly game.
Welcome to Hope Landing, where the operatives of Knight Tactical Protection battle danger and tests of faith on the road to lasting love. A series of clean, inspirational action adventure romances, each guaranteed to lift your heart.

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Royal Fake Fiancé

A charming, irresistible prince and the one woman who resists him. Will a fake engagement be his chance to redeem himself or will he lose the only woman he’s ever truly loved?

Prince Darian is the only unmarried sibling or cousin left in the royal family. He used to have charm, confidence, and good looks but after being injured rescuing his sister he hides behind his fake facade and humor more than ever.
Darian has loved Zara Nelson for as long as he can remember, and she’s rejected him even longer. Now he has to talk her into pretending they’re engaged to get his mom and aunt to stop setting him up and his entire family to stop looking at him with pity. If only Zara could love the real him, but nobody has ever looked past his charming disguise.

From USA Today Bestselling author Cami Checketts comes a new series full of romance, adventure, and family secrets.

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The Christmas Cards (The Complete Series): An Amish Holiday Romance

Lucy Yoder is a young Amish widow who recently lost the love of her life, Albrecht. As Christmas approaches, she dreads what was once her favorite holiday, knowing that this Christmas was supposed to be the first one she and Albrecht shared together. Then, one December morning, Lucy discovers a Christmas card from an anonymous sender on her doorstep. Lucy receives more cards, all personal, all tender, all comforting. Who in the shadows is thinking of her at Christmas?

Andy Peachey was born with a rare genetic disorder. Coming to grips with his predicament makes him feel a profound connection to Lucy Yoder. Seeking meaning in life, he uses his talents to give Christmas cheer. Will Andy’s efforts touch Lucy’s heart and allow her to smile again? Or will Lucy, herself, get in his way?

The Christmas Cards is a story of loss and love and the ability to find yourself again in someone else. Instead of waiting for each part to be released, enjoy the entire Christmas Cards series in this exclusive collection!

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Secrets of Shame: The Colsons

A killer’s rampage has just begun . . .

Attorney Isaac Colson only wants to put his past in Fog Log behind him and return to his life in Memphis. He thought the trauma involving the infamous The Good Samaritan Killer was behind him—until an ominous letter beckons him back home.

Isaac Colson is the only man Rebecca Moreno has ever loved. But when his father went to prison for killing her aunt, she was forbidden from seeing Isaac again. Now he’s back in town and old feelings have stirred.

Rebecca has a secret she’s never told anyone, even though it’s caused her years of agony. But now everything is being stirred up again, and painful memories have surfaced. The GSK already turned her life upside once—is he trying to do it again?

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