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A wildly independent spinster proprietress, a hunky blacksmith in the market for a bride, and the mail-order mistake that lands him in her boarding house for the holidays…

Lilly Byrd has just been handed the keys to the Rose Haven Boarding House by the former owner who’s determined to retire by Christmas. However, Widow Gable is concerned that the spirited bluestocking will use her new position as an excuse to continue dodging every potential beau who looks her way. So she puts a bug in the ear of Lilly’s three matchmaking sisters, who are delighted to send the town’s big and bearish new blacksmith her way to rent a room.

Orphaned in his early teens, Graham Christensen is happy to be hanging his shingle in Angel Creek and can’t wait to settle down with a family of his own there. There’s just one problem with his plan — the mail-order bride he sent for was misrouted to a different groom, and the agency claims it’s too risky to send another bride north before the spring thaw. To make matters worse, the construction company he hires is running several months behind schedule.

Thank goodness a room opens up at the highly sought-after Rose Haven Boarding House, which just so happens to be run by the loveliest, sassiest little spitfire Graham has ever encountered. He knows he’s supposed to be waiting until spring to tie the knot with a mail-order bride he’s never met, but the strong-willed, capable Lilly swiftly captures his attention and his heart. He’s not discouraged to discover that she considers him to be just another pesky man she doesn’t need in her life. Fortunately, he has a few tricks up his large sleeves to prove just how useful it can be for a budding businesswoman to have a blacksmith to call her own.

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Legacy of Lies

The justice system failed her family—and so did her hometown.

Madison Colson knows deep down that her father—a convicted serial killer—is innocent. But believing it and proving it are two entirely different things. Unable to help her father, Madison has spent most of her adult life overcompensating by helping others. When her aunt dies unexpectantly, duty calls her back to Fog Lake, Tennessee, a beautiful but painful place she’d rather forget.

Terrifying events begin to unfold once she arrives, unleashing her worst nightmares. The Good Samaritan Killer—or a copycat—is back, and now Madison Colson is his target.

FBI Special Agent Shane Townsend is determined to stop the deadly rampage that has sent the tightknit community into a frenzy. But he needs to earn Madison’s trust first. The task feels impossible, especially considering his father is the one who put her dad in prison.

With the whole town on edge and pointing fingers, tension escalates out of control. Madison and Shane must sort the facts from the lies—and fight for a legacy of truth—before The Good Samaritan Killer has the final say.

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Her Unsuitable Match

Lady Philippa must wed to gain her fortune and freedom. A former soldier wants only peace and seclusion. Marriage to each other is their best solution.

Lady Philippa Gillensford is three and twenty, an heiress, and sister to a penny-pinching earl. After rejecting every bachelor her mother approves of, Philippa is ready to take her future into her own hands. Though she doubts she’ll marry for love, she is more than willing to marry for freedom from her family’s influence.

Myles Cobbett has withdrawn from Society, content to remain alone after surviving the horrors of the Napoleonic wars. When a friend convinces Myles to attend a ball benefiting wounded veterans like himself, Myles meets the lively Lady Philippa. Shortly thereafter, to help Philippa avoid scandal, Myles rescues her from a complete cad.

Sensing a chance to escape her family’s control, Philippa convinces Myles he must marry her to save her reputation. In exchange for this favor, Philippa promises him the very thing he thought he always wanted: a quiet life, alone in the country.

While the two put on a show of marital happiness for their neighbors, both realize they want much more from this arrangement. Can they take a marriage of convenience and turn it into a love match?

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Friends with the Hero

Can a chance encounter with a former childhood best friend be the start of a beautiful romance?

When volunteer firefighter Frank “Tuck” Tucker responds to a false alarm in the middle of the night at the new bake shop in town, he doesn’t expect to come face to face with his childhood best friend. In her nightgown no less.

He also didn’t expect to get hired as her new assistant. But that happened, too. Along with an odd tingling in his hand when they shook that didn’t used to be there when they dug for crawfish down by the creek. But he needs a job and hers was the only place in town hiring. She didn’t seem to care that his former career as a smoke jumper didn’t provide much experience in baking cakes.

Patience Martel isn’t sure what caused her smoke alarm to go off, but she’s grateful for the malfunction. She hadn’t seen Tuck since her school days, and she was thrilled to actually have someone in her shop she could trust not to steal her blind, unlike her ex. She won her court case against him, but he’d already spent the money he’d stolen and she ended up with nothing but a bunch of lawyer’s fees.

Even if he’s never made anything but mud pies and river stew, Tuck is a sight for sore eyes. Could he also be just what her aching heart needs, too?

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Forgiving Paris

In Indiana, Ashley Baxter Blake and her husband are about to take an anniversary trip to Paris, but she is hesitant. More than two decades ago, she made her most grievous mistake in that same city. She has never forgiven herself for what happened there, and she still harbors secrets that she’s afraid will come to light. Just before the trip, Ashley gets a call from her niece. Jessie explains that her French boyfriend’s mother remembers working at a bakery with an American named Ashley. “Could that be you?”

When Alice and Ashley meet, a flood of memories comes for both women, taking Ashley back to a reckless affair and an unexpected pregnancy and Alice to the night she nearly ended it all. Can this reunion bring healing and closure? Maybe it is finally time for Ashley to forgive herself…and Paris.

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Dare to Love the Guy I Hate

With the high school reunion approaching, according to a pact among my friends, I have to find my Marriage Match. Too bad I hate him.

I know exactly what I want: an epic adventure on the open road, alone. Forget the silly dating dare. My quest is to visit all fifty states and find a place to call home. When my mom asks for a favor to help a family friend, I can’t say no even though I despise the guy.

Elliot O’Connell is a rock star in recovery with a debilitating fear of flying, but he needs to get to an awards show. To him, a road trip with a pretty woman sounds like a song in the making. Turns out, he’s my number one nemesis—not a fan of his lifestyle or that thing he did that time.

Me, forgive and forget? Not on your life, buddy.

We clash when tailed by a crazy ex, try to detour from past heartbreak, and take a wrong turn that leads us to discover what we have in common. When the trip comes to an end and real-life intervenes, sending us in different directions, he says I’m like a tune he can’t get out of his head.

Forgive? Forget? Maybe…

Will these speedbumps slow us down or are we destined for love?

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Christmas at the Inn

When Rebecca Vanderhall discovers her fate has been sealed, she has two choices: embrace it or fight against it…and run. She chooses the latter.

The only way out of the arranged marriage to a cruel man who is far too much like her father is to find her match as a Mail Order Bride. With courage, Becky sets out on a long journey to Shadow Gulch, Idaho, where she’ll meet the man she’s to marry. But she can’t leave her poor, defenseless mother to face her father’s wrath alone, and so tricks her mother into accompanying her.

With her past chasing her everywhere she goes, Rebecca arrives in Shadow Gulch and meets her husband to be – Walter Adams, a man with a dark past. Can she learn to love the man she’s agreed to marry? Or will the handsome, friendly proprietor of the inn, Ethan Dowser, steal her heart before she says, ‘I do’?

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Child of Love

Christmas joy has been a little easier to find this year for Heather King and her loved ones. But while their grief over the loss of her father has ebbed to some degree, his absence is still a huge hole in their lives that they do their best to fill by carrying on his legacy of love and caring for those who cross their paths.

Heather’s heart and mind finally feel in sync, and she’s ready to focus on the future, which she really hopes includes a love of her own. Unfortunately, while their wealth has been a blessing, it’s definitely a curse when trying to date. Previous experience has shown her that a man’s focus is more likely to be on her money than on who she is.

When Asher Larson stopped to help a motorist on the side of the highway, he had no idea what he was getting into. Already struggling to adjust to the unexpected arrival of his young niece, Ash isn’t sure that he has the time or energy to deal with a wealthy woman who seems determined to be a part of their lives.

Though Heather sees much in the reserved man to be admired, Ash doesn’t seem to be as enamored of her. His niece is adorable but also struggling to find her place in this new life she’s ended up with. All Heather wants is to make things easier for the pair, which means exposing them to the King wealth—clearly something that Ash struggles with.

Ash wants Isla to have a memorable Christmas, different from the kind he had as a kid. However, he’s kind of clueless on how to do that since his own experiences with the holiday have always been of a more bare bones variety. When Heather offers him the help he needs, Ash knows he’d be a fool to turn her down, even though he knows it’s a risk for his heart and the feelings for her that he doesn’t want to flourish.

Will Ash be able to see what they have in common? Or will the differences in their lives keep them from exploring what could blossom between them? Ash comes to understand that Christmas is a time for love as they celebrate the love God showed in sending His Son to the world.

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Alec Abramson was a notorious player—an unapologetic ladies’ man. He lived that lifestyle for years until the day he was reunited with his first love.

Alec was a literal rockstar who had all the women he could handle. But after a chance meeting with Grace, he realized she was the only one he wanted. He had made a mistake by being careless with her feelings all those years ago, and now he had to begin the quest to win her back.

B-Side is the second and final book in the How to Tame a Heartbreaker series. Twin brother rockstars, David and Alec Abramson, find love in this two-part series. The Heartbreaker series is a spin-off of the Bank Street Stories series, which consists of nine books and a novella. You would have a lot of fun reading all twelve books in order, (starting with Easy Does It) but it’s not necessary, and each book is a standalone story.

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