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Bound by Mayhem by Christy Barritt

Bound by Mayhem by Christy Barritt

As cast and crew members prepare for Lantern Beach’s first annual Christmas play, catastrophe strikes.

Abby Mendez, the director and brainchild behind the play, never shows up for a dress rehearsal. Threats emerge, and it becomes clear that not everyone on the island feels the Christmas spirit.

With dangerous encounters and ghostly disappearing acts threatening not only the play but also the safety of Lantern Beach residents, former police chief Mac MacArthur and Abby’s friend Tali Robinson jump in to help. The stakes rise as the perpetrator continues to haunt Abby’s past, torment her present, and threaten her future.

When it seems all hope is nearly lost, can the people of Lantern Beach work together to save the play? Or will this phantom scrooge steal the final act?

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