Hope Landing Romantic Suspense
Wild Landing

Wild Landing

He wanted a chance for redemption, but now he’s in way over his head.

A year ago, pro mountain biker Chase Reese had it all. One crash too many brought it all tumbling down.
Now he’s back in Hope Landing, trying to earn a spot on his brother’s private protection team, Knight Tactical.
Only life isn’t working out the way he expected. It’s fast becoming clear that he’s not a good fit for the team. If he quits, he’ll be back at square one. No job. No identity. No spectacular life plan.
And just when life's already bad... Marissa Harris shows back up in his life. The one woman he never expected to see again.
The way his luck's been running, he should have expected this. After all, past misdeeds demand payment.
Human rights attorney Marissa Harris has spent her whole life trying to prove she’s more than a multi-millionaire’s daughter. Her international foundation is making real headway fighting for impoverished people…until someone targets her for death.
Her father hires Knight Tactical Protection to find the people responsible and keep her safe. Sounds like a good plan, until Marissa learns that Chase Reese, the guy that ghosted her a year ago, is on the team. The team she can handle, the wild, self-centered athlete, not so much.
Thrown together when the cunning killer closes in, they’ve got to rely on each other to survive a killer’s deadly game.
Welcome to Hope Landing, where the operatives of Knight Tactical Protection battle danger and tests of faith on the road to lasting love. A series of clean, inspirational action adventure romances, each guaranteed to lift your heart.

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